Nick Covington
Tech Artist
Anywhere, USA - 619.916.6218
A PDF of my resume can be downloaded here


  • 7+ years of multidisciplinary experience as a Technical Artist.
  • Previous roles in team leadership and project management.
  • Extensive, expert-level lnowledge with Unity3D/C#/UnityScript
  • Solid base skills in of Maya, MEL and Python, as well as proven past experience with 3dsMax, MaxScript, and DotNet/WPF
  • Involvement in entire development pipeline, from concept to platform deployment.
  • Tool and content pipeline development, and background in character rigging and skinning
  • Experience with shader development, deep understanding of lighting, rendering and 3D math skills.
  • Constant learner, hard working, and passionate

Technical Skills


-UDK/Unreal 4.
-Visual Studio
-Photoshop/Adobe Suite

Experience in

-Tool Development
-Art Pipeline troubleshooting
-Shader Development
-Gameplay and UI Scripting
-Mobile Game development


-JavaScript, ActionScript 3

Recent Projects


Technical Artist - N-Fusion Interactive - 2015-16

  • Managed a small team of programmers, designers, and artists.
  • Worked with programmers to ensure design features and tool needs were realised.
  • Implemented multiple cinematic mocap sequences, and scripted gameplay sequences using in-editor tools and C#
  • Designed multiple core game systems such as Localization, In-game prompts, and UI.
  • Actively communicated with client and coordinated needs between teams of programmers, artists, and designers.

Tech Used: Unity, Maya, C#, ShaderForge, Adobe Suite


Technical Artist - N-Fusion Interactive - 2014-16

  • Scripted gameplay and story sequences using in-engine event system.
  • Built majority of spell VFX, and world VFX used in-game.
  • Setup multiple cinematic sequences that choreographed VFX, animation, and gameplay.
  • Worked with programmers and artists on character and enemy shader.

Tech Used: Custom Game Engine, Ogre, Particle Universe, Adobe Suite

Space Noir

Technical Artist - N-Fusion Interactive - 2014-15

  • Built VFX for weapons, explosions, bossfights, and ambient effects.
  • Created shaders for gameplay and cinematic effects.
  • Modeled and textured weapons for player ship.
  • Expanded gameplay code for ship weapons, and implemented VFX related scripts.

Tech Used: Unity, C#, 3dsMax, Photoshop, MonoDevelop.

Past Projects

The Hunger Games Adventures

Technical Artist/Director - Funtactix, Inc - 2012 ongoing - Ipad/Facebook/Android

  • Developed a flexible multi-platform export pipeline that allowed developers quickly prep assets and characters for all game versions.
  • Greatly improved and expanded existing MaxScript/C# core of art and design tools.
  • Overhauled previous iterations of scripted plug-ins and utilities to be more versatile and efficient.
  • Implemented and debugged in-game features and UI using FlashBuilder and ActionScript3.

Tech Used: 3dsMax, Maxscript, Flash/AS3, Javascript, C#

Mission Impossible - The World

Technical Artist/Director - Funtactix, Inc - 2011-12

  • Implemented a data-driven 3d character animation and character export pipeline.
  • Prepared character art provided by outsources for use in-game.
  • Used character studio to mix and blend core animations into complex compound animations

Tech Used: 3dsMax, Maxscript, Character Studio

Engine and Prototype Development

Technical Artist - Budcat Creations - 2009-10

  • Rapidly iterated on gameplay demos using Unity
  • Oversaw a small team of developers fleshing out vertical slices of concepts.
  • Advised Engine team of needs of the Art department.
  • Prototyped workflow and UI of in-development tools.
  • Provided troubleshooting and technical insight to the art department.

Tech Used: Unity, C#, 3dsmax, Visual Studio, MaxScript

Guitar Hero (many titles)

3d/Technical Artist - Budcat Creations - 2007-09.

  • Implemented and maintained 3D environment asset pipeline and SKU conversion tools.
  • Scripted in-game sequences using proprietary scripting language.
  • Mentored artists on optimizing and debugging 3D environments and assets.
  • Optimized next-gen environments and assets for low-end platforms.

Tech Used: 3dsmax, MaxScript, Photoshop

Work history Contributions and Releases

Work history

\\ Technical Artist @ N-Fusion Interactive :: 2014 - Present
\\ Technical Artist/Director @ Funtactix, Inc :: Mid 2011 - 2014
\\ Technical Artist @ Budcat Creations :: 2008 - Early 2011
\\ 3d Artist @ Budcat Creations :: 2007 - 2008
\\ Audio/Video Tech @ The Art Institute of California, San Diego- October 2006 - September 2007

\\ Bachelors Of Science, Game Art and Design @ The Art Institute of California, San Diego - fall 2007 grad.

Notable Contributions

Co-Author, United States Patent #905624 - System and method for efficient character animation (see here)
Webby Awards for Best Social Game, and People's Voice Award. Hunger Games Adventures - 2013 (see here)
Selected, Sundance Festival New Frontier Story Lab, 1979 Revolution - 2015 (see here)


\\ 1979 Revolution, 2016 - iOS, PC, OSX.
\\ Ember, 2016 - iOS, PC.
\\ SpaceNoir- Unreleased - iOS, PC.
\\ Hunger Games Adventure - iOS, Android, Facebook.
\\ Mission Impossible: The World - Facebook.
\\ Top Shot Arcade, 2011 - Wii.
\\ Our House, 2009 - Wii.
\\ Band Hero, 2009 - Ps2.
\\ Guitar Hero 5, 2009 - Wii, PS2.
\\ Guitar Hero Metallica, 2009 - Wii, PS2.
\\ Guitar Hero World Tour, 2008 - PS2.
\\ Guitar Hero Aerosmith, 2008 - PS2.